Lucia Mar Public Records Analysis Data

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Public Records Act Request LMUSD
PRA Data Analysis from LMUSD
Information was requested on grades, enrollment, employee survey results.
Enrollment Drop
Lucia Mar Enrollment Drop
Twice as many people are leaving the district over the past year versus prior years.
Enrollment In Alternative Schools
Lucia Mar Enrollment In Alternative Schools
Enrollment in alternative schools have increased with over 100 students transferring out of traditional schools.
155% Increase In F's
155% Increase In F's
High School had a 155% Increase In F's and Junior High 73% increase in F's.
Distinct Students F's
Increase in F's Lucia Mar
Increase in F's broken down by distinct students.
Parent Choice Survey 2020
Lucia Mar Parent Choice Survey 2020
Lucia Mar return to in-person instruction survey results.
Expense Perspective Chart
Lucia Mar Expense Perspective
General funds, covid relief funds, unenrolling loss, recall cost.
Decline In Enrollment
Lucia Mar Decline In Enrollment
Shows a decline in enrollment compared to other surrounding districts.

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