Lucia Mar Expense Perspective Chart

The District has received $20,860,192 so far in COVID relief funding. While this money cannot be used for the recall election costs, this money has been invested in other areas which will save the District money in the future.  For example, the District spent much of this money on technology improvements which will offset spending needs from the general fund in the future.

Over 400 students have left the District. The resulting loss of revenue (approx. $3,713,800) is a huge concern for the District’s future.  The district receives about $12,000 per student per year.  Saving even 30 students from leaving would result in $360,000.

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We are a non partisan group of concerned parents who share the common goal of getting all students back in to full time school. The committee members and signed proponents of the recall represent many party affiliations, including Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents.


Paid for by Central Coast FER – Committee to recall LMUSD Board of Trustee Members, Stewart, Santos and Martin.

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