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Not true! Lucia Mar continues to choose to be more restrictive than necessary.

  1. The District is requiring proof of vaccination or covid test to participate in person at public school board meetings (announced in their board meeting on May 4, 2021).  Normal precautions and limited capacity are the only requirements mandated under orange tier.  No other public agency in SLO County is requiring anything resembling a vaccine passport. 
    UPDATE: CCFER worked with Dr. Brescia from the County Office of Education and was able to have this requirement removed prior to the first open meeting on 5/18/21.
  2. The District could have sought a waiver for elementary, but chose not to, even when it was encouraged by Dr. Borenstein and many other schools in our County obtained waivers. 
  3. The District could have opened school in October 2020, but chose not to. They ultimately did not open in a hybrid format until 5 months later.
  4. The District could have opened all schools for full time, in person instruction under the updated CDPH guidelines in March 2021, but chose not to.  They are waiting an additional 5 months to open full time.
  5. The District is refusing to operate any bus transportation for regular school or athletics.  Other districts in our area are bussing kids to school and for sporting events.

The District has failed to give parents the option for full time school multiple times this past school year, despite the fact that they could have and parents made it clear they wanted this option.  Today, the District remains in a hybrid format, even though it could return to in person, full time instruction as other districts throughout our State have.  The District is also pursuing options for permanent distance learning next year via a new distance learning academy.  They have not announced an actual plan to return to school full time in the fall. 

Lucia Mar Return to In-Person Parent Survey

Shutting schools down is not the answer.  With the proper precautions, kids can return safely to school full time. The CDC, CDPH, World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of California School Administrators, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Borenstein and even Dr. Fauci all say schools should be open.

We have to start somewhere to affect real change in LMUSD.  The three board members under recall have openly expressed beliefs in opposition to what is best for students and are leading by fear.  They have been dismissive of students and parents and have not put students first.  Other board members have been more supportive of returning students to the classroom and willing to listen. 

Parent surveys in May and June were overwhelmingly in favor of returning to school full time.  We thought the Board would listen to their constituents.  The deadline to file for the November board election was in August 2020.  This deadline came and passed by the time we realized they weren’t going to push for a full time return to school.  The past year has been enlightening and a wake up call for who has the real power in the District – and it’s not the parents and students.  Now that we are paying attention and aware of how things are being handled, we are taking action. 

The cost for a recall election is worth it!  In fact, the cost to our community, including the dire effect on student’s mental health is too great NOT to pursue this.  You can’t put a price on self harm and suicide.  There are other compelling reasons as well why the cost is worth it.

  1. Over 400 students have left the District. The resulting loss of revenue is a huge concern for the District’s future.  The district receives about $12,000 per student per year.  Saving 30 students from leaving would result in $360,000.
  2. The District is creating inequity among the students, where those with resources can seek alternatives, but those that can’t are stuck.  Students are not receiving a quality education and are getting further behind.  The inequity of this situation is why returning to full time school is a non-partisan issue and supported by those of all political backgrounds.  The cost of lifelong learning loss is real and incredibly high (as much as $33,000 per student per year of distance learning)Lucia Mar Failing Grades
  3. Many parents have had to quit their jobs or reduce their hours to supervise their children’s education.  Many others have had to pay for additional child care during the hours their children should have been in the public school that our taxes already pay for. 
  4. The District has received $20,860,192 so far in COVID relief funding. While this money cannot be used for the recall election costs, this money has been invested in other areas which will save the District money in the future.  For example, the District spent much of this money on technology improvements which will offset spending needs from the general fund in the future.
    Lucia Mar Expense Perspective
  5. All 3 Board members could resign and save the cost of an election.

No!  The recall is about restoring the balance of power so that students and parents are the priority.  We need to remove Board members who do not advocate for the best interests of students.

No!  The recall is about improving the leadership of the District and improving the quality of education within our District.  CCFER supports many different initiatives, including re-opening all athletics and re-opening all enrichment opportunities. School Choice is a separate initiative led by 

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