Dear Recall Supporters,

For the past 4 months, the recall team of Central Coast Families for Education Reform has been working hard to build a coalition of supporters of the recall.  Nearly all of those supporters, both financial and volunteers, are members of our LMUSD community.  Supporters of the recall come from all backgrounds and viewpoints.  It has been inspiring to see so many people realize that we need real and immediate change to our school board so that our kids will be the top priority. 
After two well attended in person board meetings, the Board decided to return to conducting their business virtually and to keep the public locked out.  Paso Robles, Templeton and Atascadero have continued to welcome in person participation since May.  This is a source of frustration for many individuals due to the way the zoom meetings have been conducted.  For example, individuals were removed from the virtual meetings before they could comment, open public comment was cutoff after 20 minutes, and emailed comments were not posted.  Those individuals who were denied their rights to participate in a public meeting have filed formal Brown Act violations against the Board.  
Recently, there have been some other supporters that have been upset with the Board’s decision to close the meetings to the public.   These folks have decided on their own to protest the closed meetings in front of board members houses while the board members are conducting the public board meeting from their private residences.  We understand many members of the public are frustrated with the decision to keep the public locked out, however we do not support visiting the homes of public officials to protest their behavior and CCFER is not part of these protests. 
Our priorities have not changed.  We need to change the membership of this Board so they will listen and consider the needs of students and parents.  This recall effort was started because our Board was not putting kids and families first.  Since we started the recall effort 4 months ago, the Board has only become more resistant and entrenched.  If you have any doubts, you just need to watch the videos of Board members blaming parents and pushing through controversial curriculums.  You can watch them on our website:
We still need signatures and your support!  Let’s not lose focus on our priorities and the reasons for the recall.  Pleae join our efforts to collect signatures and make our District a better place for students and families.  If you haven’t donated, walked a neighborhood, or texted your friends to sign, now’s the time! 
Thank you for your support. 

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