Recall the Lucia Mar School Board

While we are disappointed that the results of the recall effort were not what we had hoped for, we do not consider it unsuccessful.  We have shined a bright spotlight on the actions of this Board and have witnessed a great community awakening.  With the support of our many volunteers, we were able to collect almost 6000 signatures from our community, and in doing so, we opened the eyes of our community to the reality of our Lucia Mar Unified School Board’s despicable behavior.  A recall campaign is a huge undertaking and these types of things are rarely successful on the first attempt, however this was a great first step in bringing change to our District.  The recall effort has awakened our community to become involved when it matters.
We have learned many things, most importantly that our school board has a lot of power, and if left unmonitored, they will do what they want and not what is best for our students.  We need to continue the trend of being involved in our children’s education as a community.  We cannot go back to being complacent.  This Board still needs change, and we have the opportunity to make that happen!  Over the last six months, our community has been made aware of the unprofessional conduct by many of our board members and we have an opportunity to run a campaign against each board member up for election in 2022.  We have already had community members step forward and our volunteers are ready to jump in and support this change.
Thank you to the many volunteers who helped in gathering signatures, running volunteer tables, folding and stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, etc. and the numerous community members who donated money to the cause.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  You have been instrumental in spreading the word to our community and we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.  We are looking forward to the future and our community’s continued involvement in all matters involving our District.  Help us make the change by staying involved and stay tuned as to how you can help in the future.
Remember, it’s about the children, our future leaders!
Thank You!
Central Coast Families for Education Reform
The Lucia Mar Unified School District Board of Education has:

– FAILED to have a plan in place to immediately reopen our schools when allowed by the State,
– FAILED to apply for a waiver for elementary students, and
– FAILED to open all of our schools in a full time capacity when the State guidelines allowed in March.

They have continually disregarded the needs of District students and their families, and as a result, most students in LMUSD will not have set foot in a real classroom for 17 months by the time we return in fall.

We are public school parents and concerned area residents, launching a recall of three members of the Lucia Mar School Board. We’d love to have you join us.

Who We Are Recalling

Don Stewart Board President
Trustee Area 4, 2024
Colleen Martin
Colleen Martin
Trustee Area 2, 2022
Dee Santos
Dee Santos
Trustee Area 4, 2024

Why We Are Recalling Board Members

The conduct of the 3 board members listed above demonstrates that they have failed in their duties to serve students and the taxpayers as a Trustee on the LMUSD Board of Education. The 3 board members have been repeat offenders in approving decisions that disregarded students’ best interests. Their failure to open schools full time and the huge increase in failing grades are just some of our concerns.  
Lucia Mar Failing GradesThese 3 board members were chosen based off of surveys and feedback from our local community and members of the Central Coast Families for Education Reform Facebook group. View the public record here, video clips from school board meetings below, frequently asked questions page and also visit the “Why?” page for a more detailed breakdown of these violations.

Video Clips From Public School Board Meetings

Public Records Analysis from LMUSD

Petition Signing Locations

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PO Box 2807
Pismo Beach, CA 93448

Phone: 805-270-5883


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